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News & Problèmes Techniques (HRP) / 08/02 -- A lire -- Authentification
« le: 08 Février 2016 à 18:40:26 »
Suite à un gros problème avec le SSO qui permet l'authentification à Eve, vous allez devoir refaire complètement votre authentification dans le nouveau launcher.
Il suffit d'appuyer sur la croix à droite de votre nom pour supprimer le token. Tant que ce ne sera pas fait vous resterez coincés sans possibilité de vous log in.

Plus d'informations ici:

2015-11-12 14:43 By CCP Falcon
We are happy to announce that the post downtime skill training issue that some players have been experiencing today has been identified and resolved.

Skill training should now be functioning correctly, and training will resume as normal. This issue has only affected characters that logged in during the time between the end of today's daily downtime, and 14:30 UTC today. Characters logging in from 14:30 UTC onward will be unaffected.

In addition to this, we have identified every character that has been affected by adverse skill training on Tranquility, and are making preparations to reimburse any skillpoints that were missed during this issue.

If your characters are missing skillpoints, it will not be necessary to file a support ticket for this issue, we will be reimbursing all missed skill training during downtime on Tuesday November 17th 2015.

You can feel free to continue to discuss this topic in this thread.

everything offline



Apparemment tout est tombé.

News & Problèmes Techniques (HRP) / Connection Issues - 22/09
« le: 22 Septembre 2014 à 19:58:40 »
Apparemment il y a de nouveau des problèmes de connection au serveur, tout comme hier.


Il semble que tous les serveurs soient down actuellement à l'exception du serveur chinois.
Infos à suivre prochainement sur les sites suivants:


Au Coin du Bar (HRP) / CSM9, bureau de vote ouvert!
« le: 09 Avril 2014 à 17:24:59 »

Le vote pour le CSM9 est désormais ouvert:

Descriptions et programmes des candidats:

Pour ceux qui ne savent pas ce qu'est le CSM:

Mon vote à moi:
PsychoBitch (USA)
Local chat list should be sortable by wardec and other standings. Warpable bookmarks viewable in tactical overview. Gang link jammers on grid. Fix Null Sec Fix Industry High Sec empire controled jumpbridges. The CSM election mechanics should be changed to limit the influence of organized voting blocs Add ship crews to improve your stats WALKING IN STATIONS T2 insurance Better in-game browser Better Roles in POS

Azami Nevinyrall (Canada)
I have done everything in EVE. I have no bias towards any parts of game play. You are not voting for a Nullsec bloc, a Highsec carebear, or Hulkageddon bait. I am here to represent all aspects of gameplay and bring all styles into balance. I want to address things such as Highsec Missions, Cloaking, Faction Warfare, and Power Projection, among other things. I am a six year vet who has progressed through all game play types. I have done the carebearing. the ganking and griefing, the F1 drone, small gang pvp, wormholes, FW, etc. I have spent years doing each of these activities, not a cursory 'been there, done that'. I believe my experience in the game gives me a unique perspective to advocate balance amongst these styles of gameplay, I have no agenda other then to see EVE grow as a whole.

Riverini (Panama)
I have been an avid EVE Online player for over six years. I am mostly known for my role in running the largest dedicated EVE Online news site; EVE News 24. Many of you, whom I might have had the pleasure of flying with will know my passion for this game. With that, as of now I would like to announce my candidacy for CSM. I hope to show all of you my desire to see EVE grow beyond the current state of stagnation. Most importantly- to give back to this community and help it grow for all of us, including you. EVE Online is a great game, but a game which at the moment needs change; a better focus on unfinished efforts and much needed new features. At the moment a good deal of the development time is spent on making changes to appeal to as many players as possible, regardless of how beneficial these changes could actually be to the game. Something which goes in detriment of more pressing game changes, changes which indeed are big steps that so far CCP Games have neglected to take.

Pitié, ne votez pas pour le Français juste parce qu'il est Français ... son programme n'est pas spécialement bon.

News & Problèmes Techniques (HRP) / Problème API
« le: 14 Mars 2014 à 17:46:29 »
Plus aucune API n'est reconnue par le forum. Ne soyez pas étonnés d'avoir perdu vos accès privés.

News & Problèmes Techniques (HRP) / Rubicon 1.1: Standings cassés
« le: 28 Janvier 2014 à 19:10:27 »
Attention tout le monde. Rubicon 1.1 a été déployé aujourd'hui et les standings ne fonctionnent plus du tout!
Ce la veut dire que vous verrez tout le monde en neutre jusqu'au patch qui fixera le problème. Attendez vous à un downtime en pleine soirée.

Les autres problèmes connus:

The standing mechanic is currently not working as expected. This problem is investigated with high priority.
Overheating a 'Target Spectrum Breaker' currently has no effect.
Shadow Faction Bomber and Shadow Serpentis Remote Sensor Dampener items are not listed in the Faction&Storyline market subgroup.
Wrecks looted by a Mobile Tractor Unit are invulnerable to missile fire.
In some very rare cases, the UI may disappear.
Salvage drones are not behaving as they should.
The Gnosis BPO is missing its materials list.
The client crashes under some circumstances when running with DX 11.
War history is missing in the show info on a corporation.
The show info window is not updating with the bonus adjusted stats from skills. This is only a display issue.
Station ambient sounds cannot be controlled with the 'World' slider in the audio settings.

Au Coin du Bar (HRP) / Rumeurs Rubicon 1.1
« le: 17 Décembre 2013 à 07:53:51 »

Trois nouvelles structures:
Bounty Monitor
DScan Disruptor
Decoy Unit

Le bastion mode du Maraudeur qui permettrait de locker jusqu'a 13 cibles et ne se désactiverait plus en cas de lost connexion.

Shader V3 pour les stations.

Le Crucifier qui change de look:

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