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  • post EVE Vegas 2018 Tickets Are Selling In Record Numbers! - 23 Avril
  • We’re delighted to announce that tickets to EVE Vegas 2018 are selling at record pace, outstripping previous years by a huge margin. Early Bird tickets are about to completely sell out and this year’s event is on course to be the largest yet in terms of attendance.At the current projected rate of ticket sales, EVE Vegas 2018 will sell out completely well before the event kicks off, so if you haven’t already, please be sure to pick up your tickets as soon as you can in order to avoid disappointment. We’ll have a lot more to show you guys relating to EVE in the desert in October, so be sure not to miss out on the opportunity to join us for an epic party in Sin City.To pick up tickets, head on over to the EVE Vegas website!
  • post Проблемы с подключением к игре на территории РФ - 18 Avril
  • (Please scroll down for English translation)В связи с недавними действиями Роскомнадзора и блокировкой миллионов международных IP адресов, наши игроки из Российской Федерации могли столкнуться с трудностями подключения к серверу EVE Online, как и ко многим игровым функциям.Amazon используется нами в качестве хоста для большинства игровых возможностей, следовательно, из-за вышеупомянутой блокировки, пользователи могут потерять доступ ко многим нашим услугам: Игровой лаунчер EVE OnlineЗагрузка самого клиента игрыВнутриигровой чатПроект «Discovery»ESI API и все, что с этим связаноНаши вебсайты:- eveonline.com- secure.eveonline.com- forums.eveonline.comЕстественно, что эта проблема коснется большинства игроков из Российской Федерации и, возможно, получится так, что доступ к EVE Online будет совершенно недоступен на протяжении какого-то времени. На данный момент наши разработчики делают все возможное, чтобы как-то исправить ситуацию. Увы, в данной ситуации наши возможности сильно ограничены, по крайней мере до тех пор, пока блокировки Роскомнадзора не будут сняты. Мы бы также хотели напомнить нашим русскоязычным игрокам, что использование сети VPN решает эту проблему и может помочь обойти блокировку. VPN позволит вам воспользоваться услугами EVE Online и всеми нашими сервисами. Хотя в прошлом использование VPN нами не приветствовалось, мы бы хотели заверить наших пилотов, что в данном случае, учитывая обстоятелсьтва, мы не станем применять какие-либо санкции к тем игрокам, которые пожелают воспользоваться этим альтернативным методом подключения.Новая Газета: Роскомнадзор заблокировал около 5 млн IP-адресовФорум EVE Online: Проблемы с программой запуска Мы приносим нашим игрокам самые искренние извинения за доставленные неудобства. # Connectivity Issues For Russian PlayersDue to recent action taken by the Russian Government that has led to the blocking of several million foreign IP addresses, connectivity to EVE Online and its associated services may be affected for capsuleers who are connecting from the Russian Federation.A significant number of our services are hosted with Amazon, and as such our players in Russia may lose access to:The EVE Online LauncherDownload on demandBinaries on demandIn game chatProject discoveryThe ESI API and associated servicesMany of our websites including- eveonline.com- secure.eveonline.com- forums.eveonline.comThis will of course affect gameplay experience for our Russian players, and may mean that access to EVE Online is completely cut off for some time.Our development team is currently looking at this issue, however there’s little that we can do until the restrictions are lifted by the Russian Government.We would also like to remind pilots in Russia that using VPN can bypass this issue and allow access to EVE Online and its associated services.While in the past the usage of VPN has been frowned upon, we would like to reassure pilots that they will face no punitive action against their accounts if they feel they’d like to use a VPN service to connect in this instance.You can find more information about the situation and why these IP addresses have been blocked here.You can also find more information on connecting to EVE Online here.We apologize for any inconvenience this is causing for our pilots.
  • post Apparel Discounts In The New Eden Store! - 18 Avril
  • We're happy to announce that there are currently various discounts available on apparel in the New Eden Store as part of our retirement sales!With discounts of 50% across a wide range of apparel for the next week, prices have been dropped below 40 PLEX for most of these items.Be sure to check out the New Eden Store for more details, and to grab apparel before it's retired from the store on April 24th!
  • post 15th Anniversary SKIN Deals In The New Eden Store! - 17 Avril
  • We're happy to announce that from now through until May 12th, there'll be daily SKIN offers in the New Eden Store in celebration of the 15th anniversary of EVE Online.Each day at downtime there'll be a new deal, and no matter what SKIN design or ship is selected for the deal, the price will always be for 15 PLEX. Each deal will last for 24 hours, until downtime the next day.All SKINs selected will then be retired from the New Eden Store once the sale is over on May 12th.Today's deal is the Raven Valkyrie SKIN, so be sure to check out the New Eden Store daily from today through to May 12th for great deals on a selection of cool looks!
  • post Watch Fanfest from home - April 12-14, on Twitch! - 11 Avril
  • EVE Fanfest is kicking off tomorrow morning at 10:45 UTC (EVE time) and we're streaming all the major presentations and events on the CCP Twitch channel!Throughout the broadcast we'll be giving away PLEX, ship skins and even physical prizes from our sponsors, NZXT and HyperX which we'll ship to lucky winners after Fanfest. We'll also be pitching space famous Fanfest guests against each other in exclusive matches specially designed for you guys watching from home. This year's hosting team, lead by four streamers from the EVE community, Manic Velocity, Zarvox, Rahne and Bjorn Bee will be joined by players and devs on set to deliver the Fanfest experience straight to your house!Additionally we'll have Streamfleet streamers streaming on their own channels from the Fanfest halls, please find their schedule on Streamfleet.org.The Fanfest tournament, The Caldari Corporation Cup which pitches teams of three against each other in pre-fitted ships, will be streamed whole on the Plus 10 Gaming Twitch channel, with finals also available on the CCP Channel. where we'll find out which Fanfest pilots take home GTX 1080 cards from Nvidia or Chroma Keyboards from Razer.See you on the stream and don't forget to say hi in Twitch chat!o7

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