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  • post Emergency Response Squad SKINs now available in the New Eden Store! - 18 Septembre
  • We're super happy to announce that the long awaited Emergency Response Squad SKINs are now available in the New Eden Store for all Tech II Logistics hulls!The SKIN is available for the following hulls at 250 PLEX each:BasiliskGuardianOnierosScimitarIn addition to this, a bundle of all four is on sale at a 10% discount off the total price!These SKINs will be in the New Eden Store from today through until downtime on October 23rd - get them while you can if you'd like to add them to your collection!
  • post Rogue Swarm Alert Is Now Live! - 18 Septembre
  • We're happy to announce that Rogue Swarm Alert has returned!This updated version of Rogue Swarm Alert brings new content and rewards, including all new Cryptic Mimesis rogue drone SKINs for the Raven, Abaddon, Typhoon and Dominix, as well as new cerebral accelerators. Pilots are charged with salvaging loot and hacking special containers in rogue drone infested sites in order to earn event exclusive rewards, and will need to access the Rogue Swarm Alert objectives via The Agency in the Neocom menu in game in order to track their progress and claim rewards.Take a look at the challenges on offer in The Agency, set a course and start racking up those Agency points for any objectives completed, eventually unlocking rewards with your gathered points. Rogue Swarm Alert will also reward pilots with a blueprint for a brand new drone type exclusive to this event, so be sure to hit The Agency and start gathering points.This event runs from today, through to October 1st. You can find out more here!
  • post EVE Vegas 2018 Tickets - Fansites, EVE Media & Event Organizers - 14 Septembre
  • We’re heading toward mid-September, and Vegas is only a month or so away!It’s time to start collecting names for the issue of Community Contributor tickets for EVE Vegas 2018.As with last EVE Vegas and Fanfest this year, if Community Contributors are looking to claim tickets that they’re eligible for, then the owners of these organizations and events need to get in touch and let us knowHere’s how you can do it!Only the owner/organizer of a fansite, event or media organization can claim tickets.You’ll need to email yours truly at [email protected] use the subject “EVE Vegas 2018 Community Contributor Tickets”.Include the following details:The name of the fansite, event or EVE Media organization you’re claiming tickets for.The full names of attendees who’ll be claiming the tickets.The character names of attendees who’ll be claiming the tickets.A contact email for each of the attendees who’ll be claiming the tickets.What you’re eligible for:2x Access Passes to EVE Vegas per year.2x Access Passes to EVE Fanfest per year.Please note, if you’ve already purchased a ticket and are eligible for a Community Contributor ticket, please include the PDF of your ticket as an attachment to your email, and we’ll make sure that it’s reimbursed.The deadline to claim your Community Contributor tickets is 23:59:59 on September 30th, 2018 – 17 days from now.We’re looking forward to seeing you all in Vegas!
  • post 15% Off Selected Omega Packs This Weekend! - 13 Septembre
  • We're super happy to announce that our 3, 6 and 12 month Omega packages will be available at a 15% discount over the course of this weekend!This promotion will run from today's daily downtime, through until downtime on Monday, September 17th.Head on over to the EVE Online Secure Website if you'd like to take advantage of this offer and grab some discounted Omega time!
  • post Rogue Swarm Alert Returns – September 18th! - 12 Septembre
  • We’re happy to announce that Rogue Swarm Alert will return in less than a week with all new content and exclusive new rewards!To participate, pilots will need to access the Rogue Swarm Alert objectives via The Agency in the Neocom menu in game. You’ll then need to decide what objective you're going to tackle across a variety of challenges. Finally, set course and start racking up those Agency points for any objectives completed, eventually unlocking rewards with your gathered points. You can now also keep track of your challenge progress from the info panel, as well as claiming your challenge rewards and getting quick access to The Agency home.Check out the live events portal for more details, and be sure to take a look at your challenges in The Agency on the 18th!

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