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  • post The G-Fleet Player Gathering Survey Is Ongoing. Help Shape the future! - 16 Juin
  • Image courtesy of RazorienLove player gatherings? Want to help shape how they occur in future and what content is a part of them?Our friends over at G-Fleet, who host the largest player gathering in Germany (which coincidentally, is happening again this October) are currently hosting a survey to find out what you, the community, would like from their events in future!Head on over to their website at this link to take part, and you'll also be in the running to win some cool stuff, including framed artwork from EVE Outtakes, or perhaps even a free ticket to G-Fleet 2018!
  • post Super Saturday Is Coming To The New Eden Store - 75% Flash Sale! - 15 Juin
  • We're super happy to announce that a new type of sale - Super Saturday - is coming to the New Eden Store for the first time tomorrow!The sale will kick off at 00:00:00 UTC on Saturday June 16th and will run for 24 hours through to 23:59:59, offering a 75% discount on the following SKINs:Legion Sunburst SKIN – 14 PLEX (discounted from 55 PLEX)Hurricane Sebiestor SKIN – 14 PLEX (discounted from 55 PLEX)Covetor Lodestrike SKIN – 27 PLEX (discounted from 110 PLEX)Rattlesnake Hostile Takeover SKIN – 62 PLEX (discounted from 250 PLEX)Be sure to check out the New Eden Store tomorrow so that you don't miss out on these SKINs!
  • post Gila SKINs On Sale In The New Eden Store! - 15 Juin
  • Since the release of EVE Online: Into The Abyss, the Gila has become a staple hull for taking on the Triglavian Collective.In honor of this dependable hull's services as eliminator of the dreaded triangles, as of downtime today we currently have a bundle of Gila SKINs on offer in the New Eden Store.The bundle consists of the following SKINs for 399 PLEX, at a 15% discount on their total value:Gila Hostile TakeoverGila Glacial DriftGila Ace Of PodhuntersIf you'd like to take advantage of this offer and get a sweet new look for your Gila, head on over to the New Eden Store in game!
  • post Notice! Unscheduled Downtime Information & Unanchoring Of Faction Fortizars - 14 Juin
  • At around 14:30 UTC today, Tranquility experienced an unexpected issue that we believe may have been caused by the unanchoring of a faction Fortizar in the system of NGM-OK.This issue was severe enough that it required us to take Tranquility offline for a number of hours to complete an extensive investigation into the root cause so that we could properly rectify the problem.During this downtime, there were a number of other faction Fortizars that were in the process of being unanchored by their owner corporations. Given the fact that the unanchoring process for these was interrupted by unscheduled server downtime, CCP has scooped the affected faction Fortizars from space and they will be delivered to the HQ station of their respective owner corporations. Regular structures that were unanchoring are not affected by this action.Given the issues that were encountered this afternoon, some asset safety may be delayed, especially for the Fortizar in NGM-OK that at this stage seems to have triggered the unscheduled downtime. The GM Team will be in direct contact with the owners of this faction Fortizar in order to ensure that all assets and the citadel itself are recovered properly.We'll be looking to publish more detailed information on this issue, what caused it and how it was resolved, so stay tuned for more information once a full retrospective has occured in the next couple of weeks.Apologies for the unscheduled downtime that this issue caused, Tranquility is now back online and accepting connections.
  • post New Accessories In The EVE Store! - 14 Juin
  • We're happy to announce that we've just added a selection of new trinkets and accessories to the EVE Store!Head on over to check out new journals, phone chargers, mouse pads bottle openers, tumblers and more!Here's a few handy links to a few of the new items!New EVE PenGuristas TumblerCharging CableGate Camp Log JournalQuafe Coaster / Bottle OpenerNew Mouse Pad Designed By Paddy318

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