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  • post The Alliance Tournament XVI Grand Finals Kick Off Today! - 18 Août
  • Here we are!Day seven, and with the dreams of thousands of capsuleers scattered to the cosmic wind, only three teams remain.Will we see another HYDRA / VYDRA final, or will Triumvirate smash the status quo and propel themselves to the Grand Final of Alliance Tournament XVI?There's everything to play for, and with just a maximum of seven matches left before we find out who will have their names added to the Alliance Tournament Cup this year, the predictions begin!Broadcasted live across the stars by our friends at Plus 10 Gaming from their studio in the UK, and refereed from CCP headquarters in Iceland, the Grand Finals begin in just a few hours.Join us live this afternoon starting at 14:45 UTC for more of Alliance Tournament XVI.More information on the tournament, the prizes, the brackets and the participants can be found in this Dev Blog.Also remember to make your predictions again for the chance to win 500 PLEX, as our last three teams return to fight it out for fame and glory.
  • post 2018/08/21 - August Release Deployment Information - 17 Août
  • We're happy to announce that the August release will be deployed on Tuesday, August 21st during a slightly extended daily downtime.Downtime for this deployment will begin at the usual time of 11:00 UTC and is expected to extend beyond the regular time for an additional 15 minutes. We anticipate that Tranquility will be back online and accepting connections at 11:30 UTC.The August release brings a number of visual overhauls for ships, including the Navitas, Thalia, Tayra, Bustard, Badger and Crane. In addition to this, client performance improvements are also coming with this release, as well as the beginning of the roll out of an improved and simplified New Player Experience.The Secrets Of The Abyss event also kicks off with this release, which contains event exclusive rewards including new mutaplasmids for Ancillary Armor Repairers and Shield Boosters as well as SKINS for Triglavian hulls. Be sure to rack up those agency points for exclusive rewards!You can check out the full patch notes for the release here, and take a look at EVE Updates for more information on the release as well as a high level look at some of the content coming to EVE Online as we roll toward the winter.
  • post New Eden Store - Free Jackdaw SKIN With 30 Days Of Omega Time! - 14 Août
  • We're happy to announce that we currently have an offer running in the New Eden Store that provides a free animated Jackdaw SKIN when you buy 30 days of Omega Time.This offer will run through until 11:00 UTC on August 20th, so if you're looking to pick up a slick SKIN for your Jackdaw, be sure to check it out!
  • post Secrets Of The Abyss Kicks Off In One Week! - 14 Août
  • We’re happy to announce that the Secrets of the Abyss event will kick off with the deployment of the August release on August 21st.Event exclusive rewards including Singularity Storm SKINs for Triglavian hulls, as well as mutaplasmids for Ancillary Armor Repairers and Shield Boosters will be awarded for the completion of challenges left in The Agency by a mysterious group who have sabotaged CONCORD's suspect flagging system.Completing the various challenges in this limited time event is the only way to grab the rewards, so be sure to decide which objectives you want to tackle and hit the abyss when the event starts in order to rack up Agency points.For more information on this event, head on over to the Live Event portal on the EVE Online Website.You can also find a little more out about taking your first steps into the abyss and grab some basic ship fitting advice and information on this section of the website. If you’re feeling a little braver, why not try higher tier abyssal encounters? Starting today, suspect flagging upon exiting tier four and five abyssal encounters has been temporarily disabled!
  • post August Release - Deployment Postponed By One Week - 13 Août
  • Due to the need for additional testing, the deployment of the August release has been pushed back by one week from August 14th, to August 21st.This means that both the August release and the "Secrets of the Abyss" event will now launch on the same day, next Tuesday.The change in release date has been reflected on EVE Updates, and the patch notes have been unpublished temporarily, as they may need to be edited before the release is deployed next week.More information on the status of the August Release will be available this Friday with new deployment information.We apologise for the delay in deploying this release, however we feel that additional testing is needed to ensure that Tranquility is patched without issue and the release is deployed smoothly.If you'd like to discuss this announcement, please do so in this forum thread.

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