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  • post Federation Grand Prix - Final Weekend! - 22 Juin
  • The Federation Grand Prix is entering its final weekend, and will come to a close on Tuesday, June 26th. If you haven't already taken part, you should be sure to dive in and race against the clock to pick up your haul of points and some awesome rewards.Access the Federation Grand Prix objectives via The Agency in the Neocom menu in game. Then, go to the event site hosted in the Luminaire system in Gallente space and speed off to the first race checkpoint. Each race course is different, so be sure to keep a close eye on the events section in the Agency for your next destination. Start racking up those Agency points for any objectives completed, eventually unlocking further rewards with your gathered points.Check out the Live Event Portal for more information on how to get involved!
  • post Presenting The Venture Capitalist SKIN Bundle! - 20 Juin
  • Love the Venture? Enjoy mining and salvaging? Have we got a SKIN bundle for you!Head on over to the New Eden Store and pick up the “Venture Capitalist” SKIN bundle, which contains three Venture SKINs that are ideal for mining below the belt. Just beware of sneaky vultures attempting to swoop in and loot your assets!The best part about this SKIN bundle is that it won’t cost you $120 – You can get all three of these SKINs for just 120 PLEX – that’s more than 50% off their total value when they’re sold separately!The Venture Capitalist SKIN bundle contains the following three SKINs for the Outer Ring Excavations ‘Venture’ class frigate:Paydirt ProspectorMorphite ShineGlacial DriftDid You Know?You can play EVE Online for free, and you’ll receive a free Venture once you complete the new player tutorial.Alternatively, if you do feel you’d like to support the continued development of New Eden, $120 will buy you the PLEX to run an Omega subscription for more than 6 months …or buy a little over 36,500 Ventures at current market price in Jita.That’s a shitload of mining right there!Fun Venture Facts!36,500 Ventures – at 133m in length each – makes a mean 4,800km long conga line that would stretch all the way from Reykjavík, Iceland to Washington DC, USA.If we’re looking at sheer mass, 36,500 Ventures at their unloaded gross operating tonnage of 1200T is the equivalent mass to more than 16,200,000 African forest elephants, which weigh in at an average of 2.7T each!In terms of volume, 36,500 Ventures at an average of 29,500m3 – unpackaged, of course – is roughly the equivalent volume of 538,375,000,000 500ml bottles of everyone’s favorite soft drink – Quafe Ultra.
  • post CONCORD SARO SKINs & Combat Suits Gifted To Mystery Code Holders! - 20 Juin
  • We're happy to announce that as part of the fifteenth anniversary celebrations, a set of CONCORD SARO "Black Troop" SKINs and Apparel have been gifted to all Collector's Edition Mystery Code holders.These gifts will remain in the redeeming system for 90 days, so be sure to claim them before they expire!The set includes four SKINs for the Pacifier, Enforcer, Monitor and Marshal, as well as both a male and female SARO Combat Suit, all of which are exclusive to Mystery Code holders. The full list of items is as follows:1x Men's SARO 'Black Troop' Combat Suit1x Women's SARO 'Black Troop' Combat Suit1x Pacifier SARO 'Black Troop' SKIN (Permanent)1x Enforcer SARO 'Black Troop' SKIN (Permanent)1x Monitor SARO 'Black Troop' SKIN (Permanent)1x Marshal SARO 'Black Troop' SKIN (Permanent)The Directive Enforcement Department's SARO division operates as the direct intervention black ops division of the CONCORD Assembly. 'Black Troop' remains the most infamous unit within SARO, notorious for their ruthless efficiency and direct, brutal approach to conflict resolution. (click to enlarge)
  • post Luminaire Rising SKINs Now Available In The New Eden Store! - 19 Juin
  • We're happy to announce that 'Luminaire Rising' SKINs are now available for selected hulls in the New Eden Store as part of the Federation Day celebrations.These solstice themed SKINs are available for the following hulls, as well as bundled together at a 20% discount:Paladin - 390 PLEXFerox - 250 PLEXVexor Navy Issue - 250 PLEXPanther - 390 PLEXBe sure to stop by the New Eden Store if you're looking to pick these up. They'll be available until the end of the Federation Grand Prix on June 26th!
  • post 2018/06/21 - Next EVE Online Mass Test! - 19 Juin
  • As part of the neverending quest to make New Eden a better place, we're currently planning a mass test on Singularity this week in order to test some changes for the next release.This time we'll be testing some performance changes to missiles, as well as general server performance.More information about this mass test can be found in the forum thread linked below.If you're interested in taking part in this mass test and assisting with improving the performance and stability of EVE Online, please join us on the test server this Thursday, June 21st at 17:00 UTC.Information about this mass test.General information regarding the Singularity Test Server.Participants will receive a reward of two million skillpoints (available only on the test server Singularity).Please note that numbers, art assets, and other game properties on the test servers are not final and may change before they are released.

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