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  • post Super Saturday Returns To The New Eden Store Tomorrow! - 13 Juillet
  • We're happy to announce that Super Saturday is once again coming to the New Eden Store tomorrow, with 75% off sepected SKINs and bundles from midnight UTC tonight!This Super Saturday will see the following discounts:SOE Spectral Shift Bundle – 200 PLEX (down from 801 PLEX)Enforcer Firewatch SKIN – 27 PLEX (down from 110 PLEX)Flycatcher Steel Cardinal SKIN – 14 PLEX (down from 55 PLEX)Vulture Steel Cardinal SKIN – 14 PLEX (down from 55 PLEX)Minokawa Steel Cardinal SKIN – 62 PLEX (down from 250 PLEX)Be sure to dive in and grab these deals from the NES tomorrow if you're looking to add the included SKINS to your collection!
  • post 25% Off Selected Skill Extractor Packs! - 13 Juillet
  • We're happy to announce that we currently have a 25% discount on 5x and 10x Skill Extractor packs available on the EVE Online Secure Website!This offer will run through until downtime on July 15th!Be sure to head on over to the Secure Account Management Website if you'd like to take advantage of this offer!
  • post Chainbreaker Khumaak SKINs Now Available! - 10 Juillet
  • In celebration of Matari Liberation Day, we're super happy to announce that Chainbreaker Khumaak SKINs are now available in the New Eden Store for selected Minmatar hulls.These stunning SKINs are emblazoned with holographic banners and details, utilizing new techonlogy to project banners on their hulls.Available for capital and supercapital hulls, as well as Minmatar Marauder and Black Ops hulls, these SKINs show off the banners of liberation in celebration of Matari independence.These SKINs are available right now in the New Eden Store for the following hulls:Panther – 390 PLEXVargur – 390 PLEXNaglfar – 695 PLEXNidhoggur – 695 PLEXHel – 695 PLEXRagnarok – 695 PLEX
  • post The July Release Is Now Live! - 10 Juillet
  • We're happy to announce that the July Release is now live!The July release brings the start of the Dawn of Liberation event, which runs across the Minmatar Republic's Liberation Day, from July 10th through to July 24th. In addition to this, this release follows on with further ship balancing work, with changes to the Zealot, Retribution and Claw.Significant performance improvements are also coming to the way the EVE Online client renders missiles and smoke trail grahics, as well as balance improvements to loot in abyssal space and a whole host of user interface, gameplay and audio and graphics fixes.Release Resources:You can find information and feeback venues for the July release in the following locations:Release Information - EVE UpdatesDawn of Liberation Event Page - EVE Online WebsiteFull Patch Notes - EVE Online WebsiteGeneral Feedback Thread - Official ForumsKnown Issues Thread - Official ForumsKnown Issues & Feedback Thread (Mac) - Official FourmsDawn Of Liberation Event Feedback Thread - Official Forums
  • post Alliance Tournament explained with Streamfleet & EVE_NT - 07 Juillet
  • Alliance Tournament XVI kicks off July 28 and to help you get into the AT spirit, EVE_NT, the co-organizers of AT XVI, and Streamfleet, are doing a weekly live Sunday show on Twitch that we highly recommend!Trailer: https://youtu.be/E_5UIjFtYNsThis sunday's episode will focus on the rules of the tournament which change every year, pitching EVE's expert theorycrafters into battle well before the first shots are fired. CCP Fozzie will be a special guest this Sunday. He's been the brains behind the tournament rules for the past few years and is looking forward to discussing them in detail and taking questions from viewers.The episode will also bring on tournament veterans who will let viewers in on what it's like to fly in the high stakes Tournament, and what it takes to succeed.The show starts at 19:00 UTC (EVE time), Sunday July 8, on the CCP Twitch channel!See you there!

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